Permanent fire season

Permanent fire season is now a reality in California.  In an editorial in the New York Times last Friday, Timothy Egan, wrote a rather poetic essay on fire and the preservation of American Wild Places.  He said that,

“National parks, oft-called America’s best idea, were created by people who looked beyond their own lives. Those people made great ancestors — benevolent, farsighted, selfless. What they protected were islands of diversity that humans were fast destroying. Climate change has put these parks in real peril.”

“We are the first species to radically disrupt the world that gave us life, [and now], much of that world may soon be unsafe for human habitation.”

He was, of course, talking about the new permanent fire season in California.  The higher temperatures of global warming are drying out forests all over the West.  And the result is that all these forests are like tinder; it takes very little to set them off.  Not only are we destroying the scenic forests of our National Forests and National Parks in California, but this is becoming the new norm all over the American west.


The picture above was taken at dawn at Dead Horse Point in Utah.  
That’s Canyonlands National Park in the background.  
This has always been one of my favorite places.








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