Kim Stanley Robinson Novels

I am a moderately big fan of Kim Stanley Robinson’s novels.  These novels are all commonly thought of as science fiction, but actually they are are much more than this.  They are very acute discussions of global warming, mass species extinction and other topics such as urban planning and the constant travails of trying to deal with other human beings.  Robinsons novels are actually political novels and social novels and philosophical novels.

Don’t let all this turn you off though.  These novels are also highly entertaining, not to mention a lot of fun.   They are always adventure stories and best best sellers.  And in spite of all of this they manage to be intensely interesting about all kinds of things I’m betting you never thought of as interesting before.


Here is a link to an article I just wrote on Robinson.

Here is a link to a great New Yorker article on Robinson.

Here is a link to the Robinson page at the Kindle Store.  (Watch out, there are books by other authors on this page also.  Also, this is not all of Robinson’s books.)


Below is a list of Robinsons novels that I have liked.  These books are all readily available in the Kindle Book Store.

Red Mars (Mars Trilogy Book)

New York, 2140


Green Earth (Science in the Capital trilogy)



The image at the top of this page is a set of small stacked rocks
on the banks of the Green River in Wyoming







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