Trump to drill Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

This morning’s New York Times (Dec. 3, 2018) announced that President Trump wants to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil.  To do this he is trying to clear the way for testing and drilling in the Arctic on an accelerated schedule.

Below are some takeaways from the Times Article.

“In the Blink of an Eye, a Hunt for Oil Threatens Pristine Alaska.  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to be opened for oil production.”

“For decades, opposition to drilling has left the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge off limits. Now the Trump administration is hurriedly clearing the way for oil exploration.’

“Civilization has not dented its 19 million acres, an area the size of South Carolina.” 

“The biggest untapped onshore trove of oil in North America is believed to lie beneath the refuge’s coastal plain along the Beaufort Sea.” 

“But now the Trump administration, working with Republicans in Congress and an influential and wealthy Alaska Native corporation, is clearing the way for oil exploration along the coast. “

“Decades of protections are unwinding with extraordinary speed as Republicans move to lock in drilling opportunities before the 2020 presidential election.”

“The Trump administration is on pace to finish an environmental impact assessment in half the usual time.”

“While actual oil production would be a decade or more away, the turnaround represents a prized breakthrough in the Trump administration’s campaign to exploit fossil fuels and erase restrictive policies protecting the environment and addressing global warming.”

“The Interior Department, which has jurisdiction over the Arctic refuge, has been central to the administration’s regulatory rollback in Alaska and beyond, accommodating the wishes of big businesses to strip down rules on how federal lands can be used. The oil and gas industry has been among the biggest beneficiaries as the administration has relaxed or abandoned regulations meant to safeguard air quality, groundwater supplies and wildlife.”

The image at the top of this page is The Arkansas River in December.
 This scene is about fifteen miles East of Salida, Colorado.

Below is a link to the entire Times article.

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