Gibbon River in Yellowstone National Park

The above photograph of the Gibbon River was taken in Yellowstone National park.  On cool autumn mornings like this one, the whole park seems to be full of steam.

Yellowstone is a lot more than geysers and wildlife.  There are many, many beautiful spots like this one that make me feel, at least for awhile, that maybe all is right with the natural world after all.

Unfortunately Yellowstone, like all of the wild and beautiful spots in America will not be the same forever.  The main agent of change in the natural world these days is climate change.  As a Yellowstone Park naturalist said last year, ““By the time my daughter is an old woman, the climate will be as different for her as the last ice age seems to us,” Dr. Tercek said.”

Here is an article I wrote about how climate change is changing Yellowstone.

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