Pictures of Glacier National Park 1

Probably my second favorite National Park is Glacier National Park in Montana. Actually, I think I love all of our National Parks almost equally . It’s impossible to pick a best or second best. In my opinion our National Parks are really the best of America. They are truly the gems of our nation.

Like the Tetons, my parents hauled me to Glacier when I was seven or eight years old.

Below are some of my favorite views of Glacier National Park.

Sunset at St Mary’s Lake, Goose Island in the foreground.
Grinnell Glacier Tralia
McDonald Lake in the Western part of the Park.
Highway just outside Glacier National Park, along the Rocky Mountain Front.
Mudstone in a small creek near McDonald Lake. The lakes and creeds of Glacier are full of these rocks.
Wildflowers on Going to the Sun Highway
Soft, pastel dawn on Logan Pass
Grassy shore and sunset at St Mary Lake
Mudstone in Lake McDonald
Looking west from Going to the Sun Highway
Autumn leaves alone the shore of McDonald Lake
Deep blue forest pond in eastern Glacier Park.
Rudbeckia and Grasses
Showy Daisies and Grasses
Mountain Goat at Hanging Gardens
Soft, foggy dawn on Logan Pass

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