Pictures of Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is a showpiece for the Colorado Rockies. It is probably the best first place to visit to see the Colorado rockies. It is also a wonderful place to see Elk in the fall when they are rutting.

These days you have to park your car and ride a bus up to Bear Lake, one of the nicest places in the park. This is a great jumping off place for hiking into the backcountry. Us Americans feel funny about leaving our cars. But, trust me, leaving your car behind and riding the bus is far easier, far more pleasant and an all-around better experience.

High Tundra at timberline.
Bull elk in Moraine Park. This is near Moraine Park Campground.
A bull elk with his herd in Moraine Park.
A Misty Morning on Ouzel Creek in Wild Basin.
Sprague Lake, early morning
Bear lake and autumn leaves
Sprague Lake, early morning
Sprague Lake Dawn
Creek and red bush
Longs Peak Dawn, panorama
Aspen leaves and log
Pink Granite and Horseshoe Valley
Longs Peak and overhanging branch
The Rock Cut and Longs Peak, sunset light.
Sprague Lake, early fall snow on the peaks
Elk Yearling at Sprague Lake, dawn light
Early morning grasses and reflections on Sprague Lake
Sprague Lake and Duck
Glacier Creek
Sprague Lake dawn and duck
Mills Lake Outlet
Mule deer and pines
Longs Peak Dawn

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