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Probably my second favorite National Park is Glacier National Park in Montana. Actually, I think I love all of our National Parks almost equally . It’s impossible to pick a best or second best. In my opinion our National Parks are really the best of America. They are truly the gems of our nation.

Wildflowers in the Eastern part of Glacier National Park

It’s amazing how quickly the bustling park of the summer months returns to the solitude of rural Montana–and just how isolated rural, northern Montana actually is. However, the lonesomeness, the quiet and solitude of one of the most beautiful places on earth, along with the gorgeous fall colors make this season more than worth while, at least for us.

Having said this, summertime, July or early August, is also a good time to visit. The campgrounds will be full, the trails will be packed with tourists from all over the world and the highways will be bumper to bumper with cars. On the plus side, and it is a very big plus, the wildflowers will be out everywhere. Also it will be much warmer and it probably won’t be blizzarding on Logan Pass. I wouldn’t go much before mid June though as many of the trails are not open until then.

There are two main parts of Glacier National Park, West Glacier and East Glacier which are separated by Logan Pass. I usually start a Glacier trip in the western part of the park, so I’ll start this article there also. Coming in from the west, Kalispell, Montana makes a good jumping off point. 

I also have a three part introduction to Glacier National Park on this blog. If you are looking for some detailed information about Glacier, this is the article to read.

Below are some of my favorite views of Glacier National Park.

Sunset at St Mary’s Lake, Goose Island in the foreground.
Grinnell Glacier Trail
McDonald Lake in the Western part of the Park.
Highway just outside Glacier National Park, along the Rocky Mountain Front.
Mudstone in a small creek near McDonald Lake. The lakes and creeds of Glacier are full of these rocks.
Wildflowers on Going to the Sun Highway
Soft, pastel dawn on Logan Pass
Grassy shore and sunset at St Mary Lake
Mudstone in Lake McDonald
Looking west from Going to the Sun Highway
Autumn leaves alone the shore of McDonald Lake
Deep blue forest pond in eastern Glacier Park.
Showy Daisies and Grasses
Mountain Goat at Hanging Gardens
Rudbeckia is all over in Glacier
Soft, foggy dawn on Logan Pass

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