If Warren goes moderate, she turns into Hillary

If Warren goes moderate, she turns into Hillary and loses the 2020 election. If she turns into an establishment insider like those who fill the Democratic Party, she is doomed. And America may well be doomed also.

I’ve been missing this important point for the last week. The recent New York Times/Siena College polls have been saying for the last week that the American people want a moderate president and a moderate Democratic nominee who can get along with Trump and the Republicans. The poll has been saying that the voters do not want a radical progressive.

Well, in my newly educated opinion, I think this is all wrong.

And I have been wrong all this week as I wrote about how Elizabeth Warren can never get elected with her radical ideas.

Robert Kuttner, who says in his new book The Stakes: 2020 and the Survival of American Democracy, that the 2020 Democratic candidate must be a radial progressive is also correct. He argues that the Democratic candidate must be a radical outsider who has a reputation for looking out for the pocket book issues of the working people and the middle class. I thought he was wrong about the radical part, and the polls also said moderation was wrong. But I have changed my mind. I now think Kuttner is definitely correct and the polls are somehow wrong.

It was mostly an article in The Nation that changed my mind. There is a link to this article at the bottom of the page.

Rudbeckia in Glacier National Park.  Scenes like this are a long way from thoughts about how If Warren goes moderate, she turns into Hillary.  But on the other hand places like Glacier National part would never exist without the hard work of dedicated progressive politicians.
Rudbeckia in Glacier National Park

If Warren wants to beat Trump she has to beat him at his own game. She has to be an outspoken radical who will make America great again. This has been her clear message all along and the hell with what the conservative Democratic establishment and the conservative pollsters say. She has to be a radical who will dramatically change America in the direction of equality, justice and prosperity for everyone, especially the working people.

Texas Hill Country near Austin.
Texas Hill Country near Austin

There is definitely nothing moderate about Warren’s Medicare-For-All plan. This plan would radically change America forever. An article in this week’s Nation Magazine describes this well.

“Last week, Warren issued a detailed plan on what Medicare-for-All would cover, and how she would pay for it without raising taxes on working people. She summarized the compelling human benefits of making health care a right, not a privilege rationed by cost. She outlined the massive savings that would result from eliminating the insurance company profits and exorbitant administrative fees of the current system. Half of the remaining cost could be covered by requiring large companies to pay to the government a little less of what they pay now to cover employees’ health care. The remainder would come largely from taxes on corporations and the wealthy, notably a 3 percent surcharge on fortunes over $1 billion. Workers could pocket the savings on co-pays and premiums, in what would effectively amount, she noted, to the largest middle-class tax cut in history.”

The Nation article goes on to say that Warren cannot turn into a personification of the compromised, insider, establishment politician. In other words she cannot turn into a Hillary Clinton or a Joe Biden. Political insiders and representatives of the establishment now feel fake to a large part of America. This is the worst possible thing she could do. This would just be more of the same-old, same-old which is now in the process of being rapidly rejected.

Rock detail in a New Mexico arroyo.  Scenes like this are a long way from thoughts about how If Warren goes moderate, she turns into Hillary
Rock detail in a New Mexico arroyo

The article goes on to say that most of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party realizes this. They are aware that if Warren goes moderate, she turns into Hillary.

“The growing progressive wing of Democratic party attributes Clinton’s loss in large part to her being the personification of a compromised establishment that had failed working people. Trump won because the pussy-grabbing, duplicitous, shady businessman and reality-TV star made himself into the voice of populist change. In office, Trump has failed the very voters he conned in 2016. Democrats win by seizing what Martin Luther King called the “moral center,” championing bold reforms that address real challenges that the people and the country face.”

I’m going to stick with Elizabeth Warren no matter how radical she gets, no matter how much of an outsider she becomes, no matter how much she enrages the wealthy business class. I think this is the only hope for Democrats in the 2020 election. I think if Warren goes moderate, she turns into Hillary. And this would be a very bad idea.

I apologize for that week-long lapse into moderation. I was really wrong, wrong, wrong.


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Sunset over the pines and the distant peaks in Glacier National Park
Sunset over the pines and the distant peaks in Glacier National Park

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