It looks like Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic candidate for President. In some ways this is a good thing. He is a mostly honest politician who is charismatic, is liked by a lot of people included many of America’s working people and he supports positions that would be mostly good for America. He has a distinct downside thought. He is old, he is no longer very sharp mentally, he is not the dynamic personality America needs right now and he is very middle of the road. He is not the radical firebrand we need to win this election. But there is one thing he could do to fix all of this. He could choose Michelle O’bama as his Vice Presidential running mate.

I think Michelle Obama would be Biden’s perfect VP selection. She is young, dynamic, charismatic, a woman, black, and stunningly intelligent. And most of all she is a really nice person who many American’s love. I think that she and Joe could make a team that would have a very good chance of beating Trump in November.

The real problem with this idea of course, is would Michelle actually run for VP. This seems to be the ten million dollar question at this point.

The Bidens and the Obamas in 2012

Let me briefly digress for a second. I’ll be right back to Michelle. I want to talk about Robert Kuttner who just endorsed the idea of Michelle as VP.

Robert Kuttner is one of the very best American political writers. He has written a whole string of very perceptive political books over the last twenty years or so. All of these books are basically about the decline of democracy in America over the past 40 years. These books are so good that I have listed most of them at the bottom of this page. If you are looking for one source of the very best in American liberal thinking right now, these books might be a good place to begin. Kuttner’s books are not easy reading, but they are very important reading if you are serious about American politics.

Kutter is also a founding member and frequent writer for The American Prospect Magazine. If you are interested in keeping up with the American politics right now, this one of the best online magazines to read. Kutner’s books are great, but since the Covid-19 pandemic reared it’s ugly head, almost everything is America is different than it was four months ago. The American Prospect is one of my top go-to places for intelligent, up-to-date political information. I highly recommend it.

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A couple of days ago (May 8, 2020) Robert Kuttner posted an article called “Joe and Michelle and Barack” on American Prospect. This is a dialogue about the possibility of Michelle running for VP on the Biden ticket. I don’t think this is an actual dialogue that really took place. It appears to be a dramatization written by Kuttner to point out that Michelle O’bama for VP would be a terrific idea.

But who knows, maybe it is an actual dialogue between Joe, Michelle and Barak. I’m sure this discussion has happened in various forms, probably many times.

The dialogue is short so I just quoted the whole thing. It’s pretty good. And I think it is also crucially important. Read it, it’s short.

Joe Biden: Michelle, I know you’ve said you won’t be my running mate, but your country calls. You are one of the most admired public figures in America. And it’s hard not to notice that you just released a documentary on your life.

Michelle Obama: I’m sorry, Joe, but Barack and I have been over this a hundred times. We had our turn. We are enjoying having our private lives back.

JB: But my team has sent me their recommendations and none of the others quite do it. I need a woman, preferably an African American woman. Kamala Harris fell on her face in the campaign and didn’t even excite black voters. Stacey Abrams is great, but too risky. Elizabeth Warren is amazing, but too independent. Amy Klobuchar is just meh.

MO: Joe, I just can’t do it.

JB: You would galvanize women voters, black voters, and you don’t scare off white voters. You remind people of a time when the country was well governed. You and I work well together, and we’d have Barack to send on special missions like climate change. And then, of course, you’d succeed me as the first woman president.

MO: I’m not sure I’d want to be president. And I don’t want to upstage you.

JB: We’d be partners. The voters would love it. The future of our democracy literally hinges on this, Michelle. I’m not sure I can win with any of the others. Plus, having you on the ticket would finally push Trump over the edge.

MO: Are you sure that’s what you want?

JB: You know, Trump has spent the last three and a half years trying to expunge your husband’s legacy. This could restore it. Think about that.

MO: Joe, just because it’s you, I’ll discuss it with Barack one last time.

Barack Obama: Michelle, we’ve been over this …

MO: I know, but he makes a pretty good case.

BO: But you said you’d never do this, you hate politics.

MO: I do. But I hate the prospect of four more years of Trump even more.

BO: I suppose it could be cool, you as the next president-in-waiting, Joe sending me on special assignments, but not working as hard as I did when I was in charge.

MO: There’s just one thing I feel really bad about.

BO: What’s that?

MO: Bill and Hillary hoped to pull off this act. It’s kind of unfair that we get to.

BO: Who ever said life is fair?

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I for one would love to see Michelle Obama grind Trump up like rotten hamburger and dump him into the nearest garbage can where he really belongs.

However, I suspect that no decent human being would want to descend into the horror story of American politics. And Michelle, being one of the most decent humans I have ever seen, is probably wise enough to stay out of that particular mess. But on the other hand she is also one of the most courageous people I have seen and maybe she will decide to make this sacrifice for the good of our country. And we certainly need someone decent and honorable in politics at this point. It may be the only thing that can save us now.

Go Michelle Go!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama for VP

  1. I think most non-Trump voters would be ecstatic if Michelle Obama were to be Joe’s VP running mate, but I deeply doubt she’ll agree to it. Biden certainly needs something energizing to happen or he may not win, for all the reasons you stated. Aside from Michelle, who would be my #1 pick, my “she-would-agree-to-run” #1 pick is Elizabeth Warren, because she would bring in a lot of progressive voters AND she would be a damn good president when that time came. Michelle, on the other hand, doesn’t ever want to be president, and thus is very, very unlikely to agree to run as VP. Joe is old…

    1. I agree with all of that Alice. Michelle will never agree to run. And I agree that Warren would add greatly to the Biden ticket. She was my first choice for presidential candidate years ago. I don’t think she would have drawn many votes before the pandemic or the recent protests, but now I think the country may be really ready for a radical democratic candidate. I really hope Biden picks her. She would be terrific.

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