New Mexico Wildflower Spring, 2019

2019 has been quite a good spring for wildflowers in New Mexico. We haven’t had spring wildflowers in this abundance for probably ten years.  This is mostly because we had more precipitation last fall and winter and this spring than usual.

This is pretty much normal climate variation.  It doesn’t mean that New Mexico isn’t feeling climate warming.  Local climate naturally varies on top of gradually warming world-wide climate.  New Mexico is unfortunately gradually getting warmer and warmer and drier and drier in the long term, just like the rest of the world.

Currently I don’t see any horrible climate changes making my life a lot worse, but I’m afraid a lot of major changes are just not very noticeable yet. For instance an article in the New York Times this morning (May 6, 2-19) says that fully 20% of all plant and animal species have gone extinct over the last century, and that this poses a dire threat to ecosystems necessary for human existence .

The thing that scares me right now is that life in New Mexico is 100% dependent on underwater aquifers. All of our water comes from these aquifers. And I hear that these aquifers are bottoming out right now. (When the Rivers Run Dry by Fred Pearce.)

Placitas, NM open-space. Indian Paintbrush and another flower I don’t know the name of.
Indian Paintbrush and yellow flowers along Placitas, NM roadway
Placitas, NM Roadway
Placitas NM open-space

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