Pictures of the California Pacific Ocean

Most of the pictures below were taken in Pacifica, CA which is just a few miles south of San Francisco. Just above the beach below is a wonderful little RV park in Pacifica. My wife and I lived in this park for three months about 20 years ago while my wife was attending jewelry school in San Francisco.

I highly recommend Pacifica as a place to stay for awhile. It is much more off the beaten path than San Fran. You can get to the big city via a short bus ride and then the Bart, but there is none of the hassle of San Francisco here.

White foam and brown sand. Pacifica California
Surf, Rocks and Beach, Pacifica California
Foggy beach, Pacifica California
Pacifica afternoon beach at high tide. Pacifica California
Pink sunset surf, Pacifica California
Golden Gate near San Francisco
Shore birds, Pacifica California
Sea Gull on the San Francisco Ferry

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