Pictures of Teton National Park

The Tetons have always been one of my favorite places in the world.  I first visited them in 1947 when my parents took me there as a very small kid.  I was there when I was 21 and just out of the army.  I was there when I graduated from college.  I was married there and I was there with all of my kids as they were born.  And I was there last year when I turned 78.  As I’ve often said, the Tetons have played a large part in my life.  

I find the Tetons are pretty the same as when I first visited them, except for a few pine beetle die offs and a few forest fires, and God help us, the rapidly growing swarms of tourists. In the season, June, July and August such massive hordes descend on the Tetons that it is hard to even get close to Jenny Lake or String lake or any of the other best spots.  But, get a mile off the road on some small trail, and most of the people magically disappear and the Tetons are much the same as they ever were.  

Nevertheless, I recommend visiting the Tetons in the off season: May, September, or October. In my opinion, these are the best times anyway.

I’ve got to say though, that in spite of all kinds of roadblocks the Park Service has done a great job protecting the Tetons. It really still is almost as I remember it as a child 70 years ago. Thank God for the Park Service.

Below are just a few of my favorite pictures of the Tetons

Stump, Red Leaves and Jenny Lake
Bull Moose near the Gross Ventre River
Golden Teton Dawn at Schwabacker’s Landing
Snake River Oxbow on a foggy morning
Teton Sunset from Snake River Overlook
Early morning at the Oxbow on the Snake River.
Oxbow reflections panorama
Glacially rounded river rocks near the Snake River
Aspens in September near the Oxbow
Teton Sunset Sillouhette
Oxbow of the Snake River
Me, biking the Tetonia-Ashley trail on the Idaho side of the Tetons
Hedric Pond on a rainy day.
Stormlight and horses in Teton pasture
Horses grazing at sunset, Northern Tetons
Teton Barn and Mauve Dawn,
Teton Dawn at Schwabackers Landing
Sage and Tetons, June wildflower season
White Columbines and Grasses on Teton Pass
Teton Panorama Sunset
Red Summac and Green pine
Daisies and Tetons, at Black Tail Ponds

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