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This blog is about images and essays on the natural world and its dwindling chance of survival.

It is about the most current environmental and political news which I juxtapose with images of our beautiful earth.

My goal is to show both the great beauty that still exists in the natural world and to reveal the cascading environment disasters that will soon destroy all of life and all of our beautiful earth unless we manage to do something very, very soon.

I took all of the photographs in this blog during the last forty years.

This blog is not about one thing. It is about several interrelated things:

This blog is about the beauty of our earth. For me this means the American earth since this is where I live and photograph.

This blog is about sharing my landscape photographs with anyone interested. Our pictures are free to everyone interested in the fate of our earth.

This blog is about the fact that our beautiful earth is now being massively threatened by several related ecological disasters: global warming, massive pollution, overall environmental degradation and the rapid extinction of species.

This blog is about the threat to humans and human civilization from the environmental misuse which grows greater every day.

This blog is about the politics of environmental protection.

This blog is a little bit about the art of landscape photography

This blog is about our National Parks and the many state parks which are trying to preserve as much of the natural world as possible.

This blog is about our wilderness areas and as many of the wild and beautiful places I can get to.


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  1. Are all the photos and comments in all the sections of the blog from you? I’m overwhelmed by your professionalism and artistry.

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