Pictures of Yellowstone National Park

After looking at the pictures I chose for this page, it appears that I am much more interested in Yellowstone’s wildlife that I am in its geysers or hotspots.

Yellowstone is a lot more than a large hulk of land where wildlife is protected. It is part of a massive Yellowstone to Yukon conservation initiative. The idea is to link Yellowstone National Park to the Yukon in Canada in a long corridor where animals can live in a wild, protected environment. This dream is a long way from being accomplished, but there are an increasing number of parks and conservation areas that are in the process of being linked.

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Large buffalo herd along the Yellowstone River
Blue Heron and Snag, Near the Madison River
Bald eagle in a snag
Trumpeter Swan on the Madison River
Two gray wolves feeding on elk carcas on the Lamar River.
Wet baby elk on a rainy day along the Madison River
Wet baby elk in grasses
Two wolves along the Lamar River
Bull elk bugeling
Gibbon River, autumn grasses and steam
Mammoth Hot Springs
Trumpeter Swan on the Madison River
Frosty Autumn Leaves and Grasses
Yellowstone Falls, Tight Crop
Firehole River, Autumn Grasses and Steam
Yellowstone Canyon

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